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A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife*  Price: € 38.50

This spectacularly illustrated book is the only complete guide to the wildlife and natural history of the vast and beautiful Antarctic region. Covering the Antarctic continent, the

The Arctic - Bradt Coastal Wildlife*  Price: € 12.90

This is an engaging and beautifully illustrated guide to some of the most exciting wildlife in the world. This enchanting guide to the birds, animals and marine life of the Arctic

Chinese Wildlife - Bradt *  Price: € 15.90

China is home to a remarkable variety of unusual wildlife, including many rare and threatened species under conservation. This new wildlife guide provides a colourful introduction

De natuur van de kust*  Price: € 17.50

Zeekering en natuurbeheer werden tot voor kort als activiteiten beschouwd die niet of nauwelijks met elkaar te verenigen waren. Tegenwoordig zijn er echter goede kansen om waterker

Eastern Rhodopes - Crossbill guides  Price: € 25.95

This new title in the Crossbill Guides Series is the first nature travel guidebook to cover the stunning region of the Eastern Rhodopes on the border of Bulgaria and Greece. This b

The nature guide to the Hortobagy  Price: € 24.95

De Hortobágy is de meest uitgestrekte puszta van Hongarije, een vlakte waarin steppen en ondiepe moerassen elkaar afwisselen, hier en daar doorsneden door beboste rivierdalen. Een

Australian Wildlife - Bradt*  Price: € 15.90

Australia's ancient continent tops the list for wildlife-seeking travellers with its unique creatures roaming diverse habitats, from eucalyptus-dotted woodlands to the awe-inspirin

Birds, mammals and reptiles of the Galapagos Islands*  Price: € 18.95

Until the discovery of the Islands in 1535, the flora and fauna of the Galapagos evolved in isolation, producing strange and marvellous island species, as Charles Darwin found when

Galapagos: Preserving Darwin's Legacy   Price: € 36.50

This gorgeous large-format book is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Charles Darwin Foundation on Galapagos. The book comprises a series of invited ess

Galapagos Wildlife - Bradt*  Price: € 15.90

Traveling to the Galápagos to discover the unique flora and fauna that so captivated Darwin and the many that followed him is a rite of passage for serious wildlife enthusiasts. Wr

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